Indian Medical Association (IMA) irked by Gabbar Is Back

IMA angry with Gabbar Is Back
IMA angry with Gabbar Is Back

The Bollywood emerged with a hope to score big in the Box Office Collection with the capacious Gabbar Is Back after a hiatus. While the film is gaining big in the industry during its second week running, it has now also been adhered to dissention.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has emanated with the biggest flak of the time and has demanded to remove the medical related scene from the movie.

Not able to recall the scene?? Let us give you an insight into the matter.

The most extolled and applauded scene from the movie, which surely has contributed in raising the contribution to the accumulation of the film has miffed the medical eminent ones. It is now known to every other person that the film is wholly based on the concept of prevailing corruption in the country.

The shot in the film was completely about how Gabbar exposes the medical mafia. The medics in the film pretend to treat a dead patient in order to extract a hefty amount of money from the kins. And not only the lower staff, but also the superior doctors accomplice them in the act.

The IMA has acuminated the scene to be derogatory in respect to the medical profession and also offensive to the ones involved in it. The National President of IMA has marked that the Association is in distress about the method used to project the avocation of medics. Further, the President has asked the Censor Board, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting as well as Health Ministry or Home Ministry to take the matter in a grave manner and demanded for the dismissal of the specific scene from the film.

Also, the respective flick has been forwarded to the 2.5 lakhs members of the association and asked to boycott the film until and unless some stringent action regarding the matter is taken. In addition to this, the President has also indicated towards a public protest against this if the peremptory action is not taken.

Gabbar Is Back – First day box office collection

gabbar is back first day box office collection
Gabbar Is Back

Now, probably the most clotty of the movie, Gabbar Is Back, is now live on the big screens in hook and nook of the country, hit the theaters today itself.

Movie is reported to have a rollicking status on the big screen amid the much awaited popularity of Gabbar, now coming to the end, where Akshay Kumar (Gabbar), playing a character of an Anti-corruption officer whose main point of concern is to eradicate the evil out off the scenario, how he applies his exemplary tactics, is the main climax of the plot?

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“Gabbar is Back” Box office predictions : How much the movie will earn?

Shruti Hasan, alongside Khiladi No: 1, adding the much needed spices into the catchy storyline of the movie, as far as latest review of the movie is concerned, It first day box office collection is reported to be an awesome story with grit of  happiness on the face of the makers of the movie.

“Gabbar is back”, directed by Southern India fame director Krish under the experienced production hands of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, has been receiving all the positive reviews so far, owing to its brilliancy of the fact storyline with ever glowing endearing performance of both Akshay and Shruti at the their best.

Movie, being screened on around 3000 screens nationwide, reportedly has been possessing around 70 to 90 percent occupancy rate at the multiplexes.

With all the facts, supporting the making of a very much likely contender of yet again 100 crores club movies “Gabbar is back” 1st day box office collection so far has been around 10.5 crores to 12 crores barring the calculation of its night shows, at the time of writing of this Article.

Now, with this much grand opening, it is much clear on the cards about the ever increasing star value of Akshay Kumar, who is inching closer to be in a rare row of three big Khans of Bollywood, really yet another blaster of the performance by a dedicated personality, lovely Akshay.

May God live you as long as the Himalayas, dear Akshay……

GABBAR IS BACK movie review : The Khiladi employed with PWD!!

Gabbar is Back Poster
Gabbar is Back Poster | Source Official

Director : Krish
Producers : Sanjay Leela Bhansali along with Shabina Khan
Story by : A. R. Murgadoss
Music Director : Chitrantan Bhatt, Yo Yo Honey Singh with Manj Musik
Star cast : Akshay Kumar, Shruti Haasan, Jaideep Ahlawat, Sunil Grover, Kareena Kapoor, Chintrangada Singh
Rating : 3.5/5

Felt like missing Gabbar?? Or his infamous laugh??

Well, here Bollywood proffers us with this fresh and modified version of Gabbar.

Let us have a glance on the recent and hot occupant of the screens today “Gabbar is Back”. If you have not yet devoted your time to Gabbar, let us help you further to hasten or delay your show timings.

Hereon, this new Gabbar is going to shatter all the images of the previous one, with whom we all are acquainted of. But, but ,but there is always a ‘but’. But except for the looks. Akshay Kumar has gone all beardy to portray the “Sholay wala Gabbar” once again. There is also this much acclaimed dialogue with some meager changes “pachaas pachaas kos door jab koi bachcha rota h, toh maa kehti h beta mat ro, varna Gabbar aa jayega”, replaced with “pachaas pachaas kos door jab koi RISHWAT leta h, toh sb kehte hn mat le, varna Gabbar aa jayega”. Besides this Gabbar this time does not demand for the “hath of Thakur” instead “is bar hath nahi sath chahiye”.

Kareena & Akshay kumar in Gabbar Is Back
Kareena & Akshay kumar in Gabbar Is Back

The story opens up creating a panorama of the scene, with inquisitiveness of the happenings. With the introduction of Gabbar(Akshay Kumar) as the hero for the people who had been the gudgeons of corruption. In the contrary to the Gabbar from Sholay, this Gabbar works towards the abatement of corruption. A powerful flash back of his life provides the discernment behind his decision. A common is mercilessly maltreated by the organization.

He acts as a professor in National College, which accounts as one of the indeterminate college where no police can enter. Anti Corruption Force (ACF) is the name of the vigilance committee, which he forms in order to bump off the corrupted ones. Gabbar targets the corrupted heads of the society and exterminates them. Also when needed treats them with his remarkable “PWD”, an abbreviation to “POWER WALA DANDA”.

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The complete story takes a new turn when Gabbar comes to know about the businessman Digvijay (Suman Talwar) who is focused as the villain. He is the mastermind and all corrupt officials are merely the puppets under him. Further the investigation of the Gabbar case is handed over to Kuldeep (Jaideep Alhawat) who is assisted by our very own Gutthi (Sunil Grover), though his acting skills and role doesn’t remind you of his TV image formed on he sets of Comedy Nights With Kapil. The story does have the touch of south with the directions from the director, Krish. Gabbar is Back is kind of massy movie with a blend of spices and complete entertainment.

The best sequence of the movie is the time when Gabbar once tries to reveal the medics, who are extremely corrupted. They even pretend to operate on a corpse in order to extract hefty amount of money from the kins.

Shruti haasan Gorgeous Marathi Mulgi look in Gabbar Is Back
Shruti haasan Gorgeous Marathi Mugli look in Gabbar Is Back

In addition to all this, there are some appreciable sound numbers. There is “warna Gabbar aa jayega” elucidating the character of Gabbar with our very own ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ touch. With this track you can recall all the very well-known n mugged dialogues of the former Gabbar. Then there is Shruti Haasan, who has this romantic track named “coffee peete peete” which portrays Akshay and Shruti falling in love over a coffee. Guess what, CCDs might have one more track number to add-on to their playlist. Though she is not awarded with much of the role on the screen as maintaining the intensity of the theme, love angle is not much focused on the movie.

There is another romantic song “Teri meri kahaani” in which Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar are filmed together, though her role is limited to cameo, as Akshay’s wife.

Last but not the least, there is this dance number, a Bollywood cliché, with sizzling Chitrangadha Singh, with the rap of Honey Singh and quirky and double meaning lyrics of “Aao Raja” in Desi beats. Funny it seems, censor board is quite oblivious of such language (no offense). But what matters the most that it might become the next party anthem for a remarkable period of time.

Chitrangda Singh
Chitrangda Singh

This movie is wholly based on curbing the corrupt people, in which Akshay Kumar becomes Gabbar and takes the movie to a whole new level from his former “Special 26”. May be the Delhites might be going to hit the theatres with housefull occupants, imagining Mr. Kejriwal as Gabbar, against corruption (pun intended).

In addition to all this, there are various punch lines in the movie from the slightly changed iconic Gabbar dialogue to “Kaun hai Gabbar?”, “Is bar hath nahi Sath chahiye”, “sabke karam samne ayenge, vo kya hai ki Karma rishwat nahi leta” and many more.

On a concluding note, the film offers a perfect package from Bollywood (though much extracted from Tollywood). Also the film is NO for the ones who abominate the Tamil movies to their guts.

It’s not like you are going to forget the former Gabbar, but this Gabbar might occupy some place in your minds and hearts. The movie seems to be the one man show, but that man is legend in action, Akshay Kumar. The lifelike and real stunts and actions provided by the Khiladi are always extracted out of boredom. So if you are lazing around this weekend, get yourself up and get into action with the Rowdy Gabbar. Also If you are ready to join Gabbar’s army against corruption, then for sure go for it. Besides, on my part I would prefer to rate it with 3.5/5.

“Gabbar is Back” Box office predictions : How much the movie will earn?

Akshay Kumar in Gabbar is Back
Akshay Kumar in Gabbar is Back

Still pondering over the thoughts of “The Avengers” or “The Fast and Furious 7” or any other screenshow??

Well, now it’s the time to get over all your day dreams and other mind occupying thoughts. The doomsday is about to arrive for most awaited and pre-acclaimed “Gabbar is Back”.

It can easily be prophesied that there might be more than half of the Indian Bollywood fans, who acknowledge Akshay Kumar and wait for the movies he brings about. So proportionally, more than half of the Bollywood fans might be at present endowed with the same degree of anxiety as might be possessed by the Gabbar Is Back crew.

The movie has gained high acclamation ever since the first poster of Gabbar was unfurled. Due to it being an Akshay Kumar starrer, the promotion of the movie has been to its highest extent.

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Akshay Kumar will donate Gabbar is back first day collection to Nepal victims

The name Gabbar is not a cliché. The character does not have any resemblance with the former except for violence and bit of the beardy look. He is as described “Naam se villain, Kaam se Hero”.

With the launch of the movie, it has already given the perception of dealing with the most whinnying affair of the country i.e. Corruption. It is expected to be the head honcho of all the movies released in the prevailing year.

Also, the film presents with the assessment of the debut director in Bollywood, Krish. The directions from Krish have been quite stable in the south, hope Bollywood too accepts his attempt. Further, he is quite contended to be among the directors launched by Akshay Kumar.

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Shruti Haasan Marati Mulgi Look in Gabbar is Back

Akshay’s last movie, Baby, a song-less movie though, was also widely welcomed. But it managed to compile revenues upto 75cr. Then this movie, though a cause-based one, has commendable, humming and get along sound numbers too. Now anyone can easily apprehend that what this movie is upto.

Akshay is all set to come across with his efficacious, dramatic entertainment equipped with real and lifelike stunts. Well, to mention, this is the one to be expected the first movie of the year 2015 to cross the 100cr benchmark.

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Shruti Haasan & Akshay Kumar Rommance in Gabbar is Back

Furious 7 and avengers though have made to the highest grosser till now, on the peak being the Fast and Furious 7 with 12cr on its releasing date. As per the Bollywood box office predictions, Gabbar is anticipated to ground its roots firmly in the screens from the day 1 while the avengers can find their way out to their own Hollywood.

Few hours remaining, high time, high hopes – a marathon or a dash, though the latter is negligent.

Gabbar is Back’s first day compilation completely dedicated to Nepal: rumour or truth??

Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan falling in love
Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan falling in love

One of the horrifying atrocities has been faced by the neighbouring country Nepal. The capital city, the epicentre, has been thoroughly devastated by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake. A huge setback has been presented by the Mother Nature to the lives and heritage of Nepal. As if this was not enough, the country was shaken again on the very next day to destruct the stability, which was not even attained properly. Destruction extent even catapulted with the aftershock of around 6.2. The death toll has of this disastrous mishap has reached above 5000.

Meanwhile among Bollywood scuttlebutts, an air of rumour circulated around Akshay Kumar.

The Khiladi had to deal with the rumor that the first day’s box office collection of his to be released film will be dedicated to the earthquake victims of Nepal. Also this has gone viral in the social networking sites.

The film is directed by Krish with Sanjay Leela Bhansali as its producer. The film is to occupy the screens on May 1, starring Akshay Kumar and Shruti Hasan.

To the delineation of this air, he clarified that the revenue allocation or donation is completely on the production house. The actor is not the one to command the spending of the movie. Further, he added, being a rationale, he does not need to wait for the film to be released in order to perform his part. As tweeted by Akshay:-

To answer back in a quite in his own Khiladi style, he also attached a link to offer help with the Nepal victims. A slight punch-back to the ones who are responsible for the rumours. Instead, they should follow the link and at least now contribute their own part as the Khiladi did.

Akshay & Shruti, portrayed as falling in love in ‘Coffee Peete Peete’

Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan falling in love
Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan falling in love

“Gabbar is back”, probably the most hobbling movie of the year is again back to mesmerize the viewers before few days left of its official release. This time it has been garnering popularity for a new, shattering song “Coffee Peete Peete”, where during the song Akshay and Shruti are portrayed as falling in love.

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Shruti Haasan & Akshay Kumar Romance in “Gabbar is back”

“Coffee Peete Peete”, being described as a romantic, teeny song, taking a leaf out of the plot, now as not many hours are left to the official release of the movie, so it appears out to be yet another amazing promotional spree, being tried out by the side of the makers of the movie.

Coffee Peete Peete song - Gabbar is Back
Coffee Peete Peete song – Gabbar is Back

Song, composed by Chairantan Bhatt, written by Dimpal Bajwa, edited by Sarika Sharma, has been sung by Dev Negi and Paroma Das Gupta, receiving positive reviews on Youtube. Now it is crystal clear, efforts of all these people have brought a true colour to the much anticipated popularity of the song.

Khiladi no. 1, Akshay seems to have developed a perfect liking for the song, as quite recently in a press conference, organized for imparting a preview of the movie, he was quoted as saying, “Aankhen mil rahi hai ‘Coffee peete peete’ is my favourite song of the movie”.

Shruti Haasan, also being a cheerful personality was at ease with superstar, at the times of taking selfie with Actor on the tune of the song, had words full of praise for song as for Akshay too.

Twinkle Khanna, also seems to be in true vista of fun regarding the song, as evident in her tweet:

Gabbar back home&time for me to switch back to housewife mode-as we drink our coffee-folks have a look at this song ”

As, being portrayed both Akshay and Shruti, falling in love in the scenario of song “Coffee Peete Peete” , having enjoyed the song, it may also happen, “You may too fall in love with anyone of them” in such a refreshing song.

Now Akshay, having got free from the hectic schedule of movie, must be  sharing a hot cup of Coffee with Twinkle…….

Watch the video:

Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan, launching “Comedy Nights with Kapil”

Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan, launching “Comedy Nights with Kapil” new set
Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan, launching “Comedy Nights with Kapil” new set

Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan, probably a sensational on screen couple, showing their magic in the making of “Gabbar is back” are seen in the yet again inauguration ceremony of “Comedy Nights with Kapil”.

In a bid of promoting their upcoming movie, slated to hit the big screen on 1st of May this year, both showing their intrigues on the show, audiences can see it live on 26th of April at 10 P.M on Colors.

Show carries lots of importance, as it is going to be yet another inauguration of the show, starting new season, for the jubilancy of the fans, too by Akshay & Shruti.

One can imagine the amount of comedy it going to be back with Kapil Sharma as king of comedy alongside a well proven comedian of big screen, Akshay at his best, so one is not supposed to give it a miss tomorrow.

In a recently concluded press conference in Delhi, Akku, retreated on the account of the movie by saying “Earlier Gabbar of iconic “Sholay” always believed in hurting others, while this Gabbar in “Gabbar is back” will be the one, who is always ready to suppress those, who are corrupt & ill-minded.

Action-star also had heaps of praises for the Director of the movie, Murugadoss, with whom he worked in blockbuster “Holiday”.

Movie, has been full of news even before its official release, owing to adoption of unique promotional strategies, adopted by the makers of the movie to promote it, can be seen with hilarious posters of the plot, visible on the Platforms at Railway Stations or bus junctions, everywhere especially in metro cities.

As reported, in a recent event, Akshay was seen accompanying Shruti in an Auto-Rickshaw at the time of going for the first ever official interview of the movie & later on also enjoyed travelling by Taxi for another interview.

There will also be a cameo of Kareena Kapoor in the movie alongside Karan Grover & Chitraganda Singh.

Gorgeous Shruti Haasan Marathi Mulgi look in Gabbar is back

Shruti Haasan is on the top of the news these days, as Bollywood is making hue of her new Avatar in upcoming Gabbar is back, reportedly in the promos of the movie, she is seen wearing a pink Nauvari saree with green boarders & Nathni .

Shruti haasan Gorgeous Marathi Mulgi look in Gabbar Is Back
Shruti haasan Gorgeous Marathi Mugli look in Gabbar Is Back

Shruti, being in the unique dress up, suiting to her personality to a great Accenture, where she seems to be even defeating down the core Maharashtrains like Vidya Balan & Smiti Patel to her credit.

Shruti, if gets originated seems to be teeming up well with the Maharashtrian culture, anyway her mother is also a half Maharashtrian is all set to be referred as Mulgi (A slang used to describe a beautiful Maharashtrain look).

In “Gabbar is back”, she is playing a Maharashtrian girl opposite Akshay Kumar, who looked so excited to praise the scintillating look of the Actress on Twitter.

Shruti haasan Gorgeous Marathi Mulgi look in Gabbar Is Back
Shruti haasan Gorgeous Marathi Mulgi look in Gabbar Is Back

“Meet our Maharasthrian Mulgi, played by the beautiful @shrutihaasan We love her traditional look, do you?Well we most certainly do!”

“Gabbar is back”, one of the most awaited movie of this year is slated to be released on 1st of May 2015, where Kareena Kapoor is also playing an important cameo, citing reasons with her long-term friendship with “Khiladi” star, Akshay Kumar.

Apart from Shruti, movie has also been in news for so long because of its authentic promotion style, which is quite evident on Railway Stations & Bus stops in Metro cities, adding a new crunch of colour before its official release.

Plot, directed by Krish & produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, is based on the life of an anti-corruption crusade, who is more a comic character, still a man full of gritty touch, is very much stuck to his principles of eradicating evils off the society.

“Gabbar is back” is again all set to be a stellar, watch out for the antics of Akshay and trendiness of Shruti soon on the big screen.

Kareena Kapoor Plays Akshay kumar’s wife Role in Gabbar is back

Kareena Kapoor In Gabbar is Back
Kareena Kapoor In Gabbar is Back

Kareena Kapoor, a charming personality with persona of one of the most talented Actress of Bollywood in recent times, is playing Akshay’s wife role in upcoming movie “Gabbar is back”

Earlier, no indication in Akshay’s starrer movie of Kareena being any part of it, refuting all the possibilities now it is crystal clear, she, ultimately playing an important character in “Gabbar is Back”.

In the beginning of the movie, Kareena is seen dancing with Akshay on the song “Teri Meri Kahaani” provides the clue of her presence in the Movie.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a proud producer of the movie, recently awarded prestigious Padma Shri Award for his memorable services to Hindi Cinema also confirmed the same. He signifies the role of Kareena, “She, as a talented Actress paves way to the classification of the story, we didn’t disclose her presence in the beginning, only to bring twist in the tale, now making it official”. He further, adding “Audiences will surely be thrilled to see a dynamic pair of Akshay & Kareena on the big screen”

“Gabbar is back”, a movie based against the prevailing corruption in the country is hitting the Theaters on 1st of May this year.

Movie, being the Hindi remake of Tamil super-hit “Ramana” is expected to fare well on the scenario of Bollywood, citing one of the causes, ultimate publicity style of the plot, seen on Bus stands & Railway stations.

Kareena’s look in the promos of “Gabbar is Back”

Kareena appears to be a mixture of Western and Traditional style, wearing jeans with long boots, dressed up in sexy pink attire including Authentic Jewelry & bangles on her left hand. With the long Necklace possessing stylish & booming hair, alongside a sheer smile on her cheeks, reflecting a different look, never seen before, her mesmerizing look is really an astonishing one for the delight of the Audiences.

Watch out the Kareena’s look in the promos of “Gabbar is Back”

Top 7 Facts about Gabbar is Back & Sholay’s Gabbar

Gabbar is back ! O yes… And this gabbar is interesting and weird. The newly released trailor of Akshay Kumar’s “Gabbar is back” is amusing and mind blowing. Initially there were speculations that this movie is a sequel of Sholay, which was released in 1975, but it is not. This Gabbar is a different case. And what’s really different here? Read out the post to know about this new Gabbar. So, here we go with our Gabbar is Back..

Akshay Kumar VS Amjad Khan

#1 – ‘Gabbar is back’ features Akshay Kumar whereas the old ‘Sholay’ gave recognition to Amjad Khan as the villain Gabbar.

#2 – “Na ye sarkari hai, Na gaer kanooni; Na ye neta hai, Na koi terrorist… Kaam se hero hai , Naam se villain. Ye hai Gabbar !!! ” as the trailer says. This Gabbar is not an advocate of law, nor is he against the law. This new Gabbar is a hero with good virtues.

#3 – After 30 years, this new Gabbar is again here to kill people. But the difference he is there to kill the bad ones. Unlike the old Gabbar, who dictated a small village and everyone were afraid of him. He is not a villain, but a hero.

#4 – Another dialogue of the trailers says “50-50 kos jab koi rishvat leta hai, toh sab kehte hai, matt lae, varna Gabbar aajaega”. This Gabbar is against corruption which the biggest problem of our country right now. This Gabbar will only sweat blood of the corrupt people. He will fight for corruption.

Shruti Hassan Vs Hema Malini

#5 – “Gabbar is a good man” – says the heroine Shruti Hassan unlike Hema Malini, who was asked not to dance in front of the dogs. The heroine is also in Gabbar’s side and there is certainly more to watch.

Gabbar Vs Gabbar Back Look

#6 – Akshay Kumar is seen with a beard, still not as heavy as that of Amjad Khan in Sholay. He is the Gabbar of the new generation who is handsome and well built. A daring hero who is known for his stunts, this time also Akshay Kumar is seen doing stunts.

#7 – The Gabbar of film Sholay is far away from what Akshay Kumar is off to. The negative image that comes with the name of Gabbar has got a twist. In all, it is difficult to make out whether this Gabbar will entertain you as good as the previous one or not.